Friday, October 23, 2009

c'est ma mere..

beautiful images of my late mom, taken by my dad from his old camera.
these were taken when they had their honeymoon in Japan in 1974.

le petit dejeuner avec toi.

i miss making breakfast for two.
smelling the fresh lemons.
chopping the veggie.
spreading the garlic butter.
then telling u that the breakfast is ready :)

slippers and pretty kitchen.

i woke up this morning, put my feet in my blue slippers.
grab my cup, make a hot tea, then i was crawling back to bed.
this cold is killing me. i've been blowing my nose since last nite.
runny nose please go away! syhuuhh! don't u realize, i hate u to the bone!
u made me hiding under the blanket all day.
tv become a temporal medicine. at least for my boredom.
then 'notting hill' movie became a bonus of my gloomy day.
after i watched it, i kept thinking about hugh grant's lovely house in that movie, esp the kitchen and the rooftop.
here they are!

this movie makes me fall in love with british home.
it looks homey. wooden floor, white ceiling, antique wooden dinning table, white brick walls. ahhh... me want those!

The universe is crying.

We were born naked.
Our little eyes saw everything blurry.
An innocent has come to this world.
World of sin, world of ambition, world of obsession.
Money, love, power, sex, eating with ur silver spoon.
Happiness can’t be measured.
No standard of it.
When we lose them abruptly.
Material things, partner of life, a mother, a child, a neighbor, a good friend.
Trust me, I know how it feels.
Don’t play tough, because it’s tiring.
Be weak, cry as loud as you can, scream like a lunatic, do whatever u want to express how special they are.
But promise me, the next day u wake up..
Be glad, that u are still alive.
And u’re not alone.
The universe embraces u, with its saddest cloud when u cry.
But the universe also embraces u with its warm sunshine, when u wake up from a deepest pain of yours.
Be tough. Be brave. The universe one day will smile back at you.

Dedicated to all earthquake victims.