Friday, January 8, 2010

au revoir 2009!

2009 was such a year for me. esp december.
many things happened. bitter sweet.
i started to change the way i think. now it's not about what i want. it's about HOW i can really get what i want.
i'm done w/ the ups and downs. i'm really done.
my mind, my soul, just no longer have enough space for some sick drama.
when i was alone.
i asked my self, "what u really want?"
the answers were just too busy to show their existence on my mind.
they are so complicated.
when there's two people arguing about things, they are just two people w/ different perspectives.
shouting, cursing, negotiating, whatever it is.
but when u argue w/ urself. trust me, it's tiring.
because whatever the result is, u're the only one who's gonna take the responsibility.
well, to be frank, it's devastating.
nourishing my soul w/ some positive energy. that's what i'm doing right now.
because i believe, when a cup has too much things inside, we wont see things clearly.
well bienvenue 2010! hope u will embrace me w/ some peacefulness, surprises, and happiness.
what life means without suprises anyway? :)

may universe smile back at us in 2010!