Monday, May 4, 2009

national geographic, tealess and toastless.

i woke up this morning because my phone was ringing. twice. head feels heavy, cos i just slept at 3.40 in the morning. when i wanna continue to sleep again, my eyes just can't compromise. i'm totally awake.
well, with my heavy head, i'm just laying on my rug, watching tv (kind'a upset, because i can't have my ritual, tea and a toast in the morning, because I haven't done the monthly shopping). i'm running out of everything, better write them down on a list.
well,tealess & toastless (don't bother to find in ur dictionary or even thesaurus,it's just my own language) I'm watching national geographic (while my mind wandering around). kind'a not a good combination: bad morning, heavy head, tealess and toastless, Cuba, Fidel Castro, Cigar, Venezuela, Che Guevara, socialist, and revolution. but i'm still watching it anyway. I've this kind of curiosity about Cuba since years ago, that's the reason i don't change the channel.
one thing that really got my attention. In Venezuela, as one of biggest oil exporters, the people can buy two gallons of gasoline with 57.000 bolivar, it's approximately 3 bucks! can u imagine it? 3 bucks for 2 gallons of gasoline? i wish i live there.
national geographic for the starter is not that bad actually.
ok then, gonna find something to eat, I'm starrrving.
ciao mi amigo!

We have no choice since we were born.


This issue has been bothering me since I turned 22. (hmm do ur math, I’m 24 right now)

I’am surrounded by religious people in the family.

My late grandpa( from my father’s side is a verrry religious man)

My papa and my late mama are also religious kind of people.

My late grandma (from my mother’s side) was a ‘kejawen’ (because she is a Javanese)

Well, I’m a Moslem since I was born.

My parents sent me to an Islamic school when I was a kid.

I was taught how to be a good Moslem. (shalat 5 waktu, berpuasa, baca Al-qur’an, do the sunnah, help the poor, sampe senyum itu juga ibadah).

Well, I was doing those things because some people told me to do it (family, teachers). And I remember how they forced me to do the religious stuff when I was a kid

“ayo shalat, nanti masuk neraka kalo ga shalat”

Jadi shalatlah gue karna takut masuk neraka.

But since 2 years ago, I’m kind’a curious about this spiritual thing. Why this? Why that? How come?

Those questions have been bombarding my mind since 2 years ago.

Hmm.. the interesting part, some people that really close to me, have some kind’a different believes with ‘the common people’ (included me, who do some religious things because I was taught to do it).

Some of their perspectives are really interesting for me.

Once someone asked me “Do u believe that God really exists?” my first reaction was a frowning face, then I answered “yes I do”.

Or these kind of statements: “religion is a politic” or “I smoked a pot last night, and I met God, she is a she” then I asked “why ‘she’?” then he kicked me back with.. “why it must to be ‘he’? have u met before?” ha ha. I just answered with laughing.

But one statement that I agreed: “we have no choice since we were born”

It referred to religion. I totally agreed.

Well, since my curiosity has been haunting me, I’ve decided to discuss it with people who have many different perspectives in religion. Until now, I believe for what I’ve been taught since I was a kid, but need some answers for some questions.

Because being lost for what we believing is not good at all.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

2.48 am: snap, clap and tap!

it's 2.48 am, but i'm still awake.
i've been youtubing, looking for cafe del mar, fashion tv music, then diana krall.
but look what i've just found, diana krall sang with elmo! haha. kind'a funny.
here's some of the lyrics:
"do u hear that beat? makes u leave ur seat
makes u move ur feet.. That's everybody's song..
makes ur fingers snap, snap! snap! snap!
and ur hands can clap, clap! clap! clap!
and ur feet can tap, c'mon and join along!"

well..diana is not the only one, there's more..
norah jones and feist!
such a cutie!
well, when i feel gloomy maybe i'll just watch this video, snap and clap! dance like a penguin, then hum happily. i bet i'm gonna kick those kind'a feelings because i let myself being goofy like that!