Thursday, November 19, 2009

ex and the city

fell asleep before 9, 4 hours later woke up w/ a mad belly, screaming for a midnite snack.
wandering around, fridge is empty. frowning for a while.. instant noodle then. yo' mad belly, this is all i got! face it.
while eating with my sleepy eyes, kind'a got a midnite entertainment, sex and the city on hbo.
even i have watched it like billion times, carrie always got me w/ her cosmopolitan.
one of the episodes was 'ex and the city'.
well speaking of the devil.. my mind just wandering to some oldie chapters of mine.
....... chapter 1, 2.. and so on.
when a relationship doesn't work, then it's not really end actually.
some can be friends, some can be 'fake friends', some can be.. enemies.
i remember, when i had this lunch thing w/ my bestfriends.
one of us asked "hey.. how is he?" (one of my best friends' ex)
"dead, maybe!"
then 3 of us was laughing. eat that ex'nemies! haha.
i've also passed some failed relationships.
well..i wont pretend that i'm good at forgiving over a shitty relationship, but i don't hate it also.
every relationship has its own story, its own chapter to make us more understand who we are.
bumped to one of them, received a 'how are u?' text, found some old pictures accidentally.
ohh yes..the terror is every where.
well.. however, they used to be some people in our chapters.
and for every chapter we have passed, just keep it as 'a journal'.
the lovely things, the fights, bitter sweet, every single thing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

the heroine of herself.

maybe she's not the heroine of herself.
when the whole pride, became a big hole of something.
something's dull.
the leafs fall from the trees.
she's strangled by her own dark thoughts.
her soul is like paralyzed.

being messed by ego.

no passion at all.
no spirit at all.

ahh universe.. just be kind to her.
bring the happiness as the blanket of her life.
cheer her up with a cup of sympathy.
feed her with a bowl of positive thoughts.
and lead her to the path of wisdom.